Collateral Defi Concludes Private Sale, Receives Funding From 12 VCs

With the completion of our latest private sale, we wanted to provide an insight into the funding we received from a number of leading venture capital (VC) firms.


It was enormously gratifying to see how much interest was generated by our vision for a Polkadot-powered decentralized payment gateway — particularly given the time and effort that’s gone into developing it. Collateral Defi enables users to leverage crypto as collateral at the point of sale, as well as stake, save and loan. If you don’t mind us saying so, it’s a veritable defi powerhouse.


To receive investment from the likes of Blocksync Ventures, Ex Network, Magnus Capital, Momentum 6, and Brilliance Ventures shows we are on the right track, as we set about onboarding more merchants and defi users keen to unlock the value of their crypto and achieve true spending power.


Additional investment came from Master Ventures, X21 Digital, A195, 4SV, AU21, GD10 Ventures, and Lotus Capital. Each of the contributors shares our passion for fintech, and has an extensive track record of bootstrapping game-changing projects and companies.


Though we can’t disclose the precise value of the private raise, suffice to say that momentum has clicked up a gear with funding now in place. Decentralized finance has generated a tremendous amount of hype in the past 12 months, but until now, users have been unable to collateralize their crypto holdings to act as a fiat payment tool. In most respects, the industry has been geared towards speculation, savings, and loan origination. We aim to fix that.


With serious financial backing from some of the leading VC funds in the business, Collateral is going from strength to strength. We intend to utilize the funding to achieve greater market penetration while leveraging the wisdom of our distinguished capital and venture partners to become a recognizable protocol within the defi sector. Watch this space.

About Collateral


COLLATERAL is the next generation payment gateway built on Polkadot and accessed through an interoperable crypto wallet, granting access to spending power by using crypto as collateral at the point of sale. The platform allows users to pay instantly by using crypto as collateral, giving its global user base access to funds and the ability to pay and spend crypto instantly anytime, anyplace, anywhere.


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