UPD8#3 Eight major announcements in just two weeks, the team at Collateral want to take a moment to say thank you to our community for all of your support so far.

We are a small team working hard to deliver something that we believe will make a difference to you. We have read your encouraging words and felt your loyalty so far, and it has made a big difference to us — so first of all, thank you.

We’re now excited to announce that Collateral will be launching our Collateral Governance Token ($COLLG).

$COLLG Tokens have lots of benefits to its holders, including rewards for use of our products and voting power giving the community the ability to help build the entire Collateral Ecosystem together.

Rewarding $COLLG Token holders

Yesterday, Collateral announced that very soon, customers will be able to register for the Collateral Pay Debit Card. We can now reveal today, that the more $COLLG Tokens that are held, the higher level of card you will be able to gain access to, along with greater rewards from using the Collateral Pay Debit Card. Collateral Pay Debit Cards will initially be distributed to $COLLG Tokens holders as a priority. As an example the top tier card, the Black Card can be accessed by holding 8 $COLLG Tokens, earning you up to 8% cashback. Similarly the Classic card has no barriers to entry and require 0 $COLLG though earns you zero cashback.

Voting power

We value your vote. Our community is part of our DNA. We want our $COLLG Token holders to feel empowered to be able to shape decisions. Over the coming months and beyond, we will have lots of decisions to make, and we want to be able to do that together. These are important topics that $COLLG Token holders will be able to vote on. The more $COLLG Tokens you hold, the more voting rights you will have.

Community First — Get $COLLG Tokens in our Presale

To thank our community, we want to offer you the exclusive ability to get $COLLG Tokens first. We are offering 150 tokens in a presale today via a lottery mechanism. There are only 10,000 $COLLG Tokens that will ever be in circulation, so they are scarce and as such, demand will be high. $COLLG Tokens will be offered in the presale at an initial price of $100 per token and will have a maximum allocation of 1 $COLLG Token per person.

To secure your $COLLG Token today, please fill in our presale form where winners of the lottery will be notified, and tokens will be offered on a first come first served basis:


Collateral Governance Token Sale on Uniswap


We’re also excited to announce today, that Collateral will be launching Collateral Governance Tokens ($COLLG) on Uniswap from tomorrow. All of the details will be revealed in tomorrow’s UPD8 at 14:00 UTC



New Staking Pool opening where you can earn COLLG


Finally, we can announce that coming next week, we will be opening staking pools, where you can stake your COLL Tokens and your $COLLG Tokens to earn more $COLLG Tokens.



About Collateral


COLLATERAL is the next generation payment gateway built on Polkadot and accessed through an interoperable crypto wallet, granting access to spending power by using crypto as collateral at the point of sale. The platform allows users to pay instantly by using crypto as collateral, giving its global user base access to funds and the ability to pay and spend crypto instantly anytime, anyplace, anywhere.