The price of the items is displayed on the Marketplace. The price is shown in USD $ along with the corresponding BTC or ETH price which is linked and moves with the market.

The price shown below is the amount of BTC or ETH that will have to be deposited as Collateral, in order to purchase the item. This is double the amount of the cost of the item as we need to cover any fluctuations in price. For example if you want to purchase an item for $10,000, you will be required to deposit $20,000 worth of BTC or ETH at the current rate.

We can ship items to anywhere in the world subject to availability. These costs will depend on the good(s) or services provided. It will be on a sale by sale basis. Please contact one of our representatives to get an accurate cost estimate.

At this moment in time, we will serve Collateral customers. You will be required to deposit crypto and we will facilitate purchases. This however is something we will potentially introduce in the future.

We have set the Collateral Loan to Value (CTV) at 50%. This is for the opening of the marketplace. This may well alter when the fully developed Collateral Protocol is released.

Please contact our team and we will see if we can facilitate your needs.

All payments to merchants that we facilitate are paid in the merchant’s native fiat currency.

All items and goods are insured and shipped securely. In the event of any issues we will resolve with the shipping provider.

We take the following crypto currencies as Collateral. BTC and ETH.  This will expand and we will have more options once the Protocol has been fully developed and deployed.

The interest that is payable is 10% per annum this is calculated on a daily basis.

The crypto you have locked up must cover the size of the loan you have taken. If the value falls, you will be notified by the form of communication you chose to be contacted by that this is the case. You would either have to top up your locked up crypto or we would liquidate the crypto you originally gave us if it fell to the size of the loan you have taken

You can pay back your loan via Crypto, USDT or Fiat currency.

The merchant is paid in the fees that we have in place with the relevant merchant/ service provider. The customer does not need to be concerned by this.