1- Select the item that you wish to purchase, for example a watch or an experience.


2- Please note the amount of Collateral required in order to facilitate your purchase. This is set at 50% Collateral to Value (CTV). Therefore if you wish to purchase an item for $10,000, $20,000 worth of BTC or ETH will be taken and secured as Collateral.


3- Click the Collateral Pay button


4- This will take the user to a live Telegram feed where the user can discuss the potential purchase and process with a Collateral agent.


5- The user will have to hold $COLL tokens in order to be able to purchase items listed on the Collateral Marketplace.


6- The user will require 1 COLL Token for every $10 of spending power.


7- We have done this to reward Collateral Token holders. An example of this would be if a user wishes to purchase an item or experience valued at $10,000, they would have to hold a minimum of 1000 COLL Tokens.


8- The user would then be required to send the amount of $COLL to a designated secure wallet.


9- Once this task has been completed, the user will then be allowed to purchase the item(s) shown.


10- All delivery costs and shipping will be dealt with on a case by case basis due to the values and sizes involved in shipping products and services.


11- Once the user is ready to purchase they will be asked to transfer the required amount of Crypto to be held as Collateral, again held in a secure wallet.


12- Collateral, once having received the digital assets, will arrange for payment to be made to the merchant, in the agreed native fiat currency.


13. The merchant will confirm receipt of funds and the item will be dispatched to the customer directly. All shipping and tracking information will be provided.


14- The customer will then make the necessary interest repayments. Interest will be charged at 10% per annum, this is calculated on a daily basis.  


15- Once the customer wants to receive back their crypto or pay off the goods in full. A payment including the amount of daily interest will be required to be sent, alternatively the user can sell a proportion of their holding to repay the amount. Once either of these are confirmed, the crypto is returned to the users designated wallet.